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This Houston, Texas woman just destroyed CNN (Video)

Another CNN fail.

This Houston woman was not going to let this CNN reporter use her as some sort of prop for her sensationalist reporting on Hurricane Harvey.

When CNN asked how she was coping with the natural disaster, the Houston woman fired back…

People are breaking down and you’re here asking “what the f**k is wrong with us!?”

Texas woman to CNN…

“Yeah, that’s a lot of sh*t. But ya’ll sit here and ya’ll try to interview people during their worst times. Like, that’s not the smartest thing to do! Like people are really breaking down and ya’ll come in here with camera and microphones, trying to ask us what the f*ck is wrong with us!? And you really trying to understand us with the microphone still in my face. With me shivering cold and my kid’s wet and you still putting the microphone in my face.”

CNN then cut to Jim Acosta saying “it sounds like you have a very upset family there.”

What do you think?

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