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A third John Conyers accuser has come forward. BUT Democrat leader blurts out, “I just heard of a fifth”

Democrats lose count of John Conyers’ accusers.

Article first appeared on RPT…

Three or five sexual harassment accusers for Democrat “icon” John Conyers?

Who can keep count anymore…Democrat leaders certainly cannot.

According to CNN, a third accuser has come forward, alleging Conyers made unwanted sexual advances towards her while working in his Detroit office…

Deanna Maher told CNN that Conyers made three sexual advances toward her when she worked for him in his district office in Detroit from 1997 to 2005.

Maher says she considered telling her story over the years, but never went on the record with it until now. The Detroit-News first published her allegations Tuesday based on an interview she gave the newspaper this week. She told CNN last week that the societal moment of reckoning on issues of sexual harassment and abuse of power across the country that gave her the confidence that she would finally be believed.

“For the young people that Conyers continually brought in…I can’t forget them. I cannot forget them,” Maher told CNN. “I saw all the lives that were impacted by the system. I call it ‘system’ in Capitol Hill, of how these members protect each other.”

When asked what his thoughts were about the third allegation, Assistant Democratic Leader and the third-ranking Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn replied he “just heard of a fifth.”

Meanwhile, according to The Gateway Pundit, the Congressional Black Caucus is turning their back on Conyers…

Democrat leadership can’t keep up with all the allegations against Conyers. The confusion comes amid reports that members of the Congressional Black Caucus are pushing the embattled Congressman to resign.

“Those members are trying to ease his exit without trampling on his legacy during his 50-plus years in the House. Conyers, a Michigan Democrat, is the longest currently serving member of the House of Representatives,” reports CNN’s Deirdre Walsh and Manu Raju.

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