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13 tweets from Donald Trump that shocked the establishment

Who needs CNN, MSNBC and the NYT, when you have twitter.

1. Having the guts to expose John McCain and Lindsey Graham as useless war mongers…


2. No BS. Trump will “build the wall”


3. Trump forever branding Chuck Schumer as “Fake Tears” Chuck Schumer…


4. Addressing the Buzzfeed fake news story claiming that Russia has “compromising” information on President-elect Trump.


5. And then calling out Buzzfeed for the “fake news” site that it proudly represents...


6. Trump’s tweets about Iran, showing a clear disappointment with Obama’s Iran policy.


7. This tweet sent shivers down the spin of the United Nations…


8. The tweet that tore up Bill Clinton’s NAFTA agreement. MAGA…


9. Trump will hear out all views, without imposing a censorship regime, but ultimately his decisions will be his own. Accountability…


10. CNN is “fake news”. Buzzfeed is “fake news”…


11. Trump demolishes former CIA Director Brennan


12. Trump demolishes actress and, “Hillary flunky”, Meryl Streep…


13. Much to the dismay of the liberal left and neocon right, Trump is actually smart enough to know that it is better to be friends with Russia…

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