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The unintended consequences of fake Russia collusion, conjured up by the Deep State (Video)

Hillary Clinton and John Podesta are now in the center of a massive swamp scandal.

The unintended consequences of a fake scandal, like the Trump-Russia election meddling fairytale, is that you never know where it will go.

In this case, the Hillary Clinton – John Podesta concocted Russia meddling story, has boomeranged right back at Clinton and Podesta.

The Clinton-Obama Uranium One deal and the Podesta Group’s lobbying ties with Sberbank are now front and center of a massive cover up, after the Robert Mueller special investigation failed to turn up any Kremlin collusion corpses.

We can’t help but wonder if the Deep State, that worked with Hillary to propagate her Russia fables, has decided to throw her and her inner circle under the bus.

Fox News Tucker Carlson reminds us that sometimes fake news can twist and turn into real scandal.

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