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The fabulous life of Cyprus government officials. Cyprus MP uploads wedding video complete with 9,000 guests and beach mansion

While the Hellenic Republic battles the spectre of default and austerity, the political class of the other hellenic EU Republic of Cyprus is showing off how good life can be for the 1% after a debt haircut and capital controls.

Ruling DISY Parliament Member, Efthimios Diplaros, uploaded his wedding video to youtube a few days ago in what can only be described as a Hollywood style production that showcases the Mediterranean island’s decadence and wealth…all from a country that “supposedly” went through a crippling debt haircut two years ago.

The video has a run time of just over six minutes. It’s a big budget production complete with a full scenario and script.

The video opens with the Cypriot MP and his soon to be wife enjoying their luxurious life in Limassol. The mini-film includes a flash back to when the “fabulous couple” first met in a trendy Cyprus cafe.

The video is has plenty of cameo appearances from the powerful and wealthy of Cyprus including party leaders, businessmen, and some 9,000 guests who paid tribute to Diplaros, Godfather style with anywhere of up to 50-100 euro donations dished out to get the couple on their way to a successful and happy marriage.

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades is even in attendance as Diplaros’ best man.

You do the math…9,000 guests times 100 euros tribute per person.

Perhaps the 9,000 guests came to give thanks to the ruling class for successfully confiscating the savings of the other 841,000 citizens during the 2013 EU robbery.

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