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Teen Vogue writer calls on followers to continue to harass Ivanka Trump. Tucker Carlson challenges her position

Here is typical liberal left reaction to the Ivanka Trump flight incident.

The tolerant left in action.

Here is how some on the hysterical liberal left view the Jet Blue confrontation, where President-elect, Donald Trump’s daughter, was harassed in front of her family.

Teen Vogue writer, Lauren Duca, tweets about the “sinister” Ivanka Trump, and calls on all her social media followers to not “let her off the hook because she looks like she smells good.”

Tucker Carlson decides to confront the triggered Lauren Duca…

At one point Duca tries to defend an article she wrote for Teen Vogue, where she claims Trump is a threat to “the sovereignty of an entire religion.”

Duca failed to realize the idiocy of such a statement. Obviously a religion has no “sovereignty” (nation states have sovereignty), and thus the entire statement makes zero sense.

Lauren Duca takes feminism to radical and ridiculous levels, with tweets analyzing female suppression in movies like Die Hard…which is exhibit A for why America voted Trump in 2016.

“Yippie kay yay”…

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