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Ted Cruz Drops Out Of The US Presidential Race, As He Elbows His Wife In The Face

Tuesday was a terrible day for the Cruz family. Ted Cruz dropped out of the Republican presidential race after Trump’s victory in Indiana, and Heidi Cruz got a brutal elbow to the face.

Tuesday was a bad day for Ted Cruz, and a painful day for his wife Heidi Cruz.

Via Buzzfeed:

“From the beginning I said I would continue on as long as I had a path to victory,” Cruz told supporters. “Tonight, I’m sorry to say that path has been foreclosed.”

“Nooooooo!” the crowd yelled when he said, “We are suspending our campaign.”

Then the Cruz family went in for a series of hugs. And as if things weren’t hard enough, Cruz accidentally elbowed his wife in the face. This is the definition of adding insult to injury.


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