Trump Win: Paradigm Shift or More Status Quo?

Donald Trump’s unexpected victory could constitute a break with the George Soros sponsored Bush-Clinton dynastic politics which have held the US in their grip since Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980. Will Trump however seize the opportunity and the moment? So far the initial signs are not good.

Liberals must accept Donald Trump as the legitimately elected POTUS

Donald Trump won a clear election victory in the Electoral College which according to the Constitution elects the President. Whilst Hillary Clinton did outpoll Donald Trump in the popular vote, the combined vote of the two right wing candidates – Donald Trump and Gary Johnson – surpassed Hillary Clinton’s, and was more than half the total of the votes cast, giving candidates who took right wing positions on domestic questions and who called for a non-aggressive “America First” foreign policy a small but clear majority.

Hillary Clinton says FBI “stopped our momentum,” blames Director James Comey for losing election

Hillary Clinton did not lose the election because of James Comey’s letter to Congress that he was reopening the investigation into her emails. Donald Trump was already surging in the days before news of the letter became public. She lost because she was a terrible candidate and because Donald Trump connected with millions of American voters in a way she never did.

In Russia or America: the globalist commentariat is disgusting in defeat

The ‘liberal commentariat’ whether in the US or Russia responds in the same intolerant and undemocratic way to the electoral defeats of its chosen candidates – by ridiculing and disparaging the mass of electors who don’t agree with them, and by implying that there is something illegitimate about the way they vote.