US aristocracy panics that maybe Donald Trump is serious

Nobody knows what will happen to the U.S. government under Trump’s stewardship, but the fear amongst almost all of the aristocrats is that Trump hasn’t only been pretending to want a ‘populist’ government but that he might actually have such revolutionary intentions.

The ‘alt-right’ is a mainstream media myth

Far from Donald Trump being a member of the ‘alt-rIght’, the movement itself exists only in the minds of the mainstream media and a few pundits, who have taken the insult and turned it into a term of endearment.

Liberals must accept Donald Trump as the legitimately elected POTUS

Donald Trump won a clear election victory in the Electoral College which according to the Constitution elects the President. Whilst Hillary Clinton did outpoll Donald Trump in the popular vote, the combined vote of the two right wing candidates – Donald Trump and Gary Johnson – surpassed Hillary Clinton’s, and was more than half the total of the votes cast, giving candidates who took right wing positions on domestic questions and who called for a non-aggressive “America First” foreign policy a small but clear majority.