Liberated Aleppo and its global implications

The Battle of Aleppo is a Stalingrad moment in the war against Islamic terrorism. Syria and her allies have shown that wars against Islamic terrorism can be won, that NATO and the Saudis do not always get their way and that the world can be made safer when genuine partners cooperate against the forces of evil.

Russian FM Sergey Lavrov calls John Kerry’s bluff, demands concrete proposals on Syria

US Secretary of State Kerry’s latest offer for all Jihadis to leave Aleppo appears to be an attempt to get the Russians to agree to a ceasefire in order to preserve the Al-Qaeda controlled pocket in eastern Aleppo until after Obama leaves the Presidency in January. However Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov called Kerry’s bluff by demanding that the US come up with concrete proposals and a definite timetable for the Jihadis’ withdrawal.

Saying goodbye to Obama’s clowns

The blood soaked policies of the Obama administration is no laughing matter. Nevertheless, some of his most trusted political aids gave us some moments of comedic gold over the years. Will they be missed?

The ‘parallel universes’ of Russia and the West: the real and the important vs. the made-up and the silly

The world is indeed functioning in two parallel universes as John Kerry said: the Western universe inhabited by the Western media which reports the invented and the trivial, and the universe inhabited by Russia and the rest of the world, which is concerned with the serious and the important.