Turkey at the crossroads following Istanbul shooting

There are no quick or easy solutions to Turkey’s terrorism crisis. However if the crisis is to be overcome Turkey urgently needs to reconcile with Syria and Iraq, in order to secure peace and establish good neighbourly relations with these countries, ending the threat of Jihadi terrorism spreading to its territory. Turks also urgently needs to focus on the fight against ISIS, work for better relations with Russia, and in the long term seek reconciliation with the Armenians and the Kurds.

The operation to free ISIS-held Mosul has stalled

As predicted in The Duran ISIS has not abandoned Mosul but is resisting fiercely whilst the US led Iraqi coalition offensive to recapture the city has stalled. If Mosul is not recaptured from ISIS before Inauguration Day in January, then it will be open for US President Trump and Russian President Putin to agree a joint plan for its recapture.

The Art of the Deal and the Deal of Assad

America and Europe have dealt with far more erratic men than Bashar al-Assad. Assad is a learned, moderate and sensible man who ought to be a reliable partner for Donald Trump in a genuine war on terrorism.

Turkey and Iraq going to war?

The US plays a difficult and complex game as it tries to manipulate Turkish President Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman ambitions whilst pursuing its own geopolitical objectives in Iraq and Syria.