A warning to Merkel: Russia recognises documents issued by Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics

Russia’s recognition of documents issued to their citizens by the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics stops well short of diplomatic recognition, but as well as having humanitarian considerations it appears intended as a warning to Merkel and the Europeans to take the settlement process of the Ukrainian conflict more seriously.

Donald Trump’s press conference analyzed

President Trump confirms during marathon press conference that his priority before negotiating with the Russians is to shore up his position at home. He has taken a first step towards rooting out his opponents in the intelligence community by asking the Justice Department to instruct the FBI to undertake a criminal investigation of the leaks which brought down General Flynn.

As Russia’s Kuznetsov carrier returns to base, all US navy carriers and British nuclear attack submarines ‘under repair’

Whereas contrary to media scare stories Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov carrier completed its Syrian mission without a major breakdown, media reports confirm that the entire US navy nuclear carrier force and the entire Royal navy nuclear attack submarine force is in port under repair.

Is it true that Putin called Obama a “negro” once?

Donald Trump typically always had nice things to say about Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin. But last July, while still on the campaign trail, Trump accused Putin of using the “n-word” when referring to Barack Obama. Was that really the case? Or perhaps something lost in translation.