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BREAKING: Syrian troops ‘storming Palmyra’, ISIS ‘fleeing’

News agencies confirm Syrian army in process of storming Palmyra, driving ISIS fighters out of the ancient city. Final liberation of Palmyra now expected within hours.

Multiple news agency reports confirm that the Syrian army – heavily backed by the Russian air force and with the assistance of Russian Special Forces – is engaging in what increasingly looks like its final assault on ISIS positions in Palmyra preparatory to the complete liberation of the ancient city.

Earlier today Syrian troops stormed an area known as “the Palmyra triangle” just 3 km from the ancient city, and it seems they have now taken the ancient Emir Fakhreddine fortress at the western entrance of the city (see cover picture).  Other reports say that Syrian troops have also taken control’s of the city’s hotel area.

It seems that after initially putting up a spirited resistance ISIS fighters in the city are now fleeing in confusion, their resistance broken.

The second liberation of Palmyra looks to be underway and will probably be completed within the next few hours.

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