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Syrian Arab Army ambushed by ISIS

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continues to make gains against multiple terrorist groups on several fronts including in east Hama where the SAA seek to drive the Salafist group out of a Governorate that has seen fierce fighting ever since 2011.

The SAA also continues to make gains in Deir ez-Zor Governorate which is quickly becoming the last refuge of ISIS fighters fleeing from advancing anti-terrorist troops in Raqqa.

However, one group of SAA soldiers in Dier ez-Zoe were brutally ambushed by ISIS.

Al-Masdar reports,

“During the surprise offensive, ISIS militants overran what appeared to be SAA sleeping tents, later to behead a SAA soldier and burn his body (these graphic photos will not appear below). In addition, jihadist fighters downed a drone with anti-aircraft guns, seized vital ammunition and captured a SAA tank after its crew was forced to flee after running out of fuel”.

It was an aberrational and opportunistic victory for a group that is increasingly facing battle-field annihilation in both Syria and Iraq.

A later attack by ISIS was stopped by additional SAA troops. ISIS suffered a catastrophic defeat at the hands of regrouped Syria soldiers avenging their comrades killed by the barbarism of ISIS.

Here are some photos taken from the ambush.



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