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Syria blasts the US, Turkey and Israel while praising Russia and Iran in a POWERFUL proclamation against terrorism and imperialism (VIDEO)

Walid Al-Muallem spoke for the Syrian Arab Republic in a stirring speech which exposed the state supporters of Takrifi terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda.

The Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic, Walid Al-Muallem has addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations in a powerful and defiant speech which lacerated the enemies of Syria while praising the will, determination and dignity of the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab Army.

Walid Al-Muallem began by stating that in the present conflict ridden world, there is a standoff between two forces. The first force seeks to dominate the world and re-establish a unipolar order which fuels chaos and war while violating international humanitarian laws. This is a clear reference to the United States and its allies.

Opposed to this are forces which work to create a more “balanced, just and secure world, one which respects the sovereignty of states and the self-determination of peoples. This appears to be a reference to Syria’s allies including Russia, Iran and China.

He stated that while many people throughout the world continue to suffer due to the policies of “certain countries”, that no country has suffered more than Syria.

Specially, the Minister stated that Syria has suffered because certain countries believe that they could use terrorism to further their own greed, even if ultimately it is not even in their own interests. Again, the allusion to the United States is unambiguous in this statement.

In spite of six years of suffering, Walid Al-Muallem stated that the struggle and sacrifices made by Syrians have only strengthened the resolve of the Syrian people.

For 6 years, Syrian has fought terrorism supported by regional and international powers

Walid Al-Muallem defined Syria’s state policy as having two goals 

  1. Conbatting terrorism 
  2. Working hard for political solutions which will end bloodshed and restore stability. 

The Minister praised the Syrian Arab Army’s recent victory in breaking the ISIS siege of Deir ez-Zor and also remarked with pride on the crucial victories against terrorism in Aleppo and Palmyra.

However, he stated that the threat of this plague (terrorism) persists. Walid Al-Muallem said,

“Takfiri ideology will spread like a tumour throughout the world unless everyone of us demonstrates a genuine will to cooperate to confront it together”.

He stated that in conjunction with the Syrian Arab Army’s immense victories against terrorism, that another reason for Syria’s success has been President Bashar al-Assad’s amnesty programme which has invited militants to put down their weapons and return to a normal life. The Minister stated that this reconciliation process is the best means of alleviating suffering.

Walid Al-Muallem went on to praise the Geneva and Astana peace formats, but warned that  the Astana peace process will test how far terrorists groups and their “Turkish sponsors” are willing to go in order to de-escalate the conflict. To this end, he assured the General Assembly that while Syria welcomes de-escalation zones, that such measures are temporary and cannot be used to threaten the territorial unity of the country.

Walid Al-Muallem then stated that all parties must repsct the follwoing Syrian “red lines”

–The complete destruction of terrorism 

–The territorial unity of Syria and its people

–No foreign interference in Syria’s future 

–Only Syrians have the right to make such decisions and no one can deprive the Syrian people of the free and legal will to shape their country 

Turning to Israeli aggression against Syria, Walid Al-Muallem  slammed Israel’s “unscrupulous and thuggish” aggression against Syria. He spoke of how “the usurper entity” has for 70 years occupied Palestine and also occupied Syria’s Golan Heights.

He stated that if Israel thinks that the present conflict will make Syria give up on restoring the Golan, that Israel is being delusional. 

But, he said, Israel did not stop there. Walid Al-Muallem stated that Israel has “provided funds, weapons, material and communication equipment to Takrifi terrorists”. He continued, stating that Israel continues to bomb Syrian army positions in a move which directly helps terrorists, something Walid Al-Muallem said should not be surprising as Israel and the Takfiri terrorists have the same goals and interests.

Turning to the United States, he claimed that the US and its western allies continue to peddle lies including falsely accusing  Syria of using chemical weapons–in spite of an OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) report affirming that Syria has eliminated its old chemical weapons program. He claimed that this is evidence of an open conspiracy on the part of certain countries which is designed to slander Syria

Walid Al-Muallem then said that the US led coalition, which is in Syria to allegedly fight terrorism, has killed many more innocent Syrians, mostly women and children, than terrorists have done. Furthermore the US and its allies have destroyed vital infrastructure that Syrians have worked for decades to build.

Walid Al-Muallem blasted the US for its illegal attack on an airbase in western Syria from the 6th of April and said that Syria has always been willing to welcome UN inspectors to the country.

Walid Al-Muallem then said that the US and its so-called coalition failed to make any meaningful progress against ISIS and that instead, the US and its allies have actually killed more Syrians and destroyed more of Syria’s infrastructure and heritage than the terrorists themselves have managed to do. 

He further stated that the US use of prohibited white phosphorus bombs (a chemical weapon) “before the eyes of the world”, has exposed the hypocrisy of many members of the international community who have said nothing about this atrocity. 

He then turned to the hypocritical nature of western so-called NGOs, stating that certain countries have boasted about fighting terrorism in Syria and they have established groups under deceiving titles like ‘Friends of Syria’. The Minister remarked that it is ironic as these deceptive groups come from  the countries which are destroying the lives and livelihoods of Syrians.

Apart from just killing Syrians through military means, Walid Al-Muallem said that the unilateral sanctions against Syria (from mainly western nations) has created a crisis in Syria’s once excellent health care system.

He then affirmed that US, Turkish and European actions in Syria are illegal and that Syria considers the presence of any foreign troops in Syria without consent to be foreign occupiers who are violating international law and the Charter of the United Nations.

The Foreign Minister further stated that it is impossible to fight terrorism without coordination with the Syrian army

In spite of this crisis, Walid Al-Muallem proclaimed that Syria is on the march to a victory which is now in reach.

He continued,

“When this unjust war against Syria is over, the Syrian Arab Army will go down in history as the army which defeated terrorists who came to Syria from many countries and who received support from the most powerful countries in the world”.

Walid Al-Muallem stated that the occupying powers and the terrorist failed to impose their backward ideology on a nation which for decades was a cradle of civilisation

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