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Tucker Carlson asks Jill Stein point blank: “Are you a Russian agent?” (Video)

Jill Stein to Tucker Carlson: ‘Russia probe is punishment for running for president’

Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein fires back at the recent allegations of Russia collusion for attending an RT conference where Russian President Vladimir Putin made an appearance.

The Duran noted that the Stein witch-hunt is all about Democrats and the liberal left powers working to defame Stein and discredit the Green party, so as to prevent any voters, who lean Democrat, from casting their ballot for a left leaning third party, like the Green Party.

The goal of the Clinton, globalist mafia is make the point that if Stein’s votes in Wisconsin and Michigan all went to Hillary Clinton, and not her Green Party, then Hillary Clinton would have won the election.

Stein confirms in the interview below with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, that the entire “you’re a Russian agent”  is punishment for her running for President.

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