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Stefan Molyneux gives his reasons why Iran is ready for regime change (Video)

Is this a real uprising or more US-Deep State meddling?

The debate on Iran’s unfolding protests heats up.

Are the current protests in Iran an exercise in popular uprising, with people moving to force “democratic” change within Iran?

Or is this yet another US-Deep State attempt to do to Iran what they have done to Ukraine, Libya, and Syria…using a combination of media soft power and covert regime change tactics to break apart, and break down the Iran nation state?

In the case of Iran we see the first signs of alternative, non-interventionist media begin to side with the main stream media position, seeing the recent protests in the framework of “incredibly brave men and women” standing strong “against the theocratic dictatorship that oppresses them.”

Stefan Molyneux gives his reasons why Iran is ripe for a real and just regime change.

Do you agree with Molyneux’s view on Iran?

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