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Sore loser Hillary! Clinton refuses to address her supporters after losing, sends John Podesta in her place [Video]

John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, told supporters in New York to go home and wait for the votes to finish being counted.

Hillary Clinton’s true colors were revealed upon learning she had lost the Presidency.

Instead of coming out to make a speech in her defeat, concede the loss, and begin the post-election healing process…Hillary went home.

She refused to partake in the time honored tradition of a losing candidate addressing his/her supporters. Instead Hillary went home.

The people in the crowds on election night are the people that stood by the candidate through a tough election cycle. They deserved closure. They deserved to be spoken to. They deserved to see their leader one last time. Unfortunately for them, Hillary went home.

In one swift move, Hillary Clinton showed how un-presidential she truly was. She showed how little she cared for her volunteers, her supporters, her people.

Podesta claimed she was tired, ‘it was late.’

In that case then, Trump was right all along, Hillary had no stamina. How can one be president when in bad times they simply want to sleep. Was it not Hillary who also slept through Benghazi?

America…you dodged a bullet. World…we dodged a bullet.

If there was ever any doubt as to the poor character of Hillary Clinton, her decision to simply leave her people hanging in New York City after she lost the election fair and square, speaks volumes.

The right person for the job of President of the United States gave a speech in NYC. And it was Donald Trump.

Here is a video montage from 1791L of Hillary Clinton supporters in shock. They deserved to have Hillary address them. She fleed the scene of the crime. The Queen is no more. Long live The Don.

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