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Self hating Russian Fox News host has another meltdown, courtesy Vladimir Putin and Nick “the troll”

This is Julie Roginsky’s second Russia hysteria rant.

We thank Julie Roginsky for her entertaining little Clapback segments, which jumble up history from the Stalin era and WW2 where 26 million Russian died defeating Nazi Germany, up until the recent Crimea reunification with Russia, courtesy of Victoria Nuland and her Kiev coup, which resuscitated the neo-nazi Bandera forces.

Roginsky cites the BBC as a historical source in her notes referring to Stalin and “Russification” of Warsaw Pact countries, while taking a shot at RT (which apparently does not want to be called Russia Today out of fear).

We can only guess that the BBC does not go by British Broadcasting because they too do not want people to know they are UK propaganda…and CNN, well they have to hide the “Clinton” part in Clinton News Network.

It must be an empty and sad existence to hate your culture and identity…or perhaps Roginsky is just doing this to make quick money in the now trendy Russia hating business, which makes her a _______ (fill in the blank).

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