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Russian TV compares tearing down Confederate monuments to ISIS vandalism (VIDEO)

From Kiev and Palmyra to Charlottesville – Russian media points out that cultural vandals come in all colors and creeds

Though the unrest in Charlottesville, Virginia has brought the issue of Confederate monuments to the forefront of debate in the United States, the movement to take down the statues has been simmering for a while.

Just last month, the removal of a monument in New Orleans commemorating a civil war battle had to be carried out at night under heavily armed guard – including snipers on rooftops – for fear of arousing large protests.

One of Russia’s top news programs, Vesti, weighed in then, comparing Russia’s acceptance of the architectural and cultural legacy of its Soviet past with wholesale cultural vandalism as practiced by Banderites in Ukraine and ISIS in the middle east.

The hysteria of those rushing to destroy 100 year old monuments still cherished by a large segment of the American population, makes them little different from other intolerant extremists, it seems.

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