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Russian spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says ‘US law enforcement authorities hunt Russian citizens around the world’

2723845 10/22/2015 Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova seen at a briefing on current foreign policies. Evgenya Novozhenina/RIA Novosti

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented yesterday on a wide array of topics.

Russia is front and center in the news, sometimes (as in the case of the US elections) Russia did not even ask to be such a central focus of debate. The Clinton campaign however needed a quick distraction away from the unmasking of her massive criminal organization.

Zakharova on Aleppo…

“The US has still not been able to force the armed opposition to withdraw its forces from Castello road. This would have opened up humanitarian access to civilians trapped by militants. Nothing has been done for the so-called moderate opposition leaders to distance themselves from Daesh and al-Nusra Front terrorists.”

“I would like to emphasize that the difficult situation there has unfolded as a result of the US’ failure to comply with its obligations within the framework of the September 9 Russian-US agreements.”

On clearing East Aleppo of Al Nusra terrorists, Moscow hopes…

–“that external sides which are able to influence the squadrons of the armed opposition will use this chance to convince their subjects to make Nusra Front terrorists leave eastern Aleppo.”

Zakharova on the recent US-led operation to retake Mosul, which she calls an effort to “redirect” Daesh terrorists from Mosul to Syria…

“It is a crime. If they head to Syria, they will join the jihadist groups…fighting against government forces. Such a policy is frankly hypocritical; it is destroying the basis for the fight against international terrorism coordinated in the framework of the UN Security Council’s decisions.”

Zakharova on the recent NatWest decision to block RT’s accounts in the UK…

“We would like to officially say that nobody from the bank contacted the management of the broadcaster verbally or in writing to resolve the situation or to even discuss it.”

Finally, Zakharova on the developing story of the arrest of a Russian national in the Czech Republic who is alleged to be a Russian hacker according to the FBI.

“This is not the first time [Russian citizens were detained abroad at the US’ request]. What happened was another proof of the “hunt” by the US law enforcement authorities for Russian citizens around the world.”


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