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Vladimir Putin knows that terrorist armies receive “covert and direct support from certain states”

Russian President Putin said that international terrorist groups which are "de facto terrorist armies" receive "covert and direct support from certain states."

We all know who the real state sponsors of terrorism are.

You have the USA under Barack Obama, funding and supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda.

The EU went along with the former POTUS’s plan to turn the middle east upside down, starting in Libya and stretching across to Syria.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar paid the big kickbacks where needed to protect their Al Qaeda and ISIS armies.

And Turkey, took part in the terrible mischief hatched by the Barack Obama White House for its own Ottoman empire reasons.

None of this is lost on Russian President Putin, who knows with complete clarity that the above nations have been sponsoring terrorism in the 21st century.

Putin said on Thursday at a meeting with the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).

“Bloodshed continues in a number of countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. International terrorist groups are actively participating in it [conflicts]. They are de facto terrorist armies which receive covert and even direct support from certain states.”

“Over the past year, the situation in the world has not become stable, it has not become better. On the contrary, many current challenges and threats have been aggravated, while military-political and economic rivalry between global and regional centers of influence and some states has increased.”

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