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Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova responds to US decision to end cooperation in Syria

Moscow responds to US's decision to cut of diplomatic ties with Russia over Syria.

The Russian Foreign Ministry responded quickly to John Kirby’s statement that the US is breaking off bilateral communication with Russia over the conflict in Syria.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told Russia’s First Channel…

“Washington has simply failed to live up to the key commitment under the agreements — to facilitate the humanitarian assistance to residents of Aleppo city.”

“And now, apparently, the Americans are apparently trying to shift the responsibility on somebody else.”

“The United States failed to comply with its obligations pertaining to the delineation of the opposition from the terrorists in Syria.”

Konstantin Kosachev, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the upper house of the Russian parliament also issued this statement…

“Russia has striven for continuing dialogue with the US on Syria until the last moment, and only our position was keeping the chance to launch a stable peace process alive.”

Kosachev added that the US’s uncompromising stance is based “to a great extent on subjective factors linked with the current presidential election cycle.

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