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Russian Foreign Ministry comments on Kiev’s fascist Eurovision ban of singer Yulia Samoilova

Kiev confirmed its neo-nazi image by banning Russian singer Yulia Samoilova entry to Ukraine to take part in 2017 Eurovision.

Only in neo-nazi infested Ukraine can a wheelchair bound singer be banned from appearing in a non-political song contest.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) banned entry to the country for three years for Russia’s Eurovision singer Yulia Samoilova, citing the alleged “violation by her of the Ukrainian legislation.”

The Russian singer visited Crimea in 2015 with a concert without obtaining a permit from the Ukrainian authorities. Ukraine law allows restricting entry for foreigners who had visited post-referendum Crimea without a permit from Kiev.

Expect no mainstream media to cover this ban, it destroys the Ukraine narrative.

Expect no other singers and peers of Yulia Samoilova to ban the event in protest, they could care less about human rights. Western entertainers only rise up in disgust when bans hit the LGBT community or non-Christian migrants.

Remember when Meryl Streep was so disgusted at Trump’s alleged “mocking” of a disabled journalist. Where is Meryl’s rage now that a disabled singer was banned from Eurovision?

Kiev confirmed for all the world to see, if they want to see, that it is a failed state devoid of human decency. Ukraine also showed that it is indeed worthy of entering the EU. Only the European Union would be so cruel as to ban a singer in a wheelchair from participating in an event she has probably dreamed of all her life.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said Kiev’s move showed its true attitude toward the so-called European values.

“The current Ukrainian authorities have once again confirmed their image of a regime infected with Russophobian paranoia and nationalistic complexes,” the statement said.

The ministry also said it expected the European Broadcasting Union and its partners in Europe to react to Kiev’s entry ban for the Russian participant, but we expect the EU to do nothing.


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