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Russian Defense Ministry doubles down: ‘US continues to fight along side ISIS in eastern Syria’

“The main thing preventing the final defeat of ISIS in Syria is not the terrorists’ military capability but support and pandering to them by American colleagues”

The Duran was one of the first outlets to report on photos released by the Russian Defense Ministry showing ISIS, the SDF and US special forces working side-by-side on the battlefield in Dier ez-Zor, Syria.

The evidence presented by Russia’s Defense Ministry was conclusive, and conspicuously missing from any mainstream media reports.

The Russian Defense Ministry is not letting this story disappear in the mainstream media memory hole.

The Ministry has doubled down this Wednesday, and again accused the United States of supporting ISIS jihadists in Syria…and as Zerohedge reports, enabling them to mount counter-offensive attacks in eastern Syria.

“The main thing preventing the final defeat of ISIS in Syria is not the terrorists’ military capability but support and pandering to them by American colleagues,” Russian military spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a statement.

Quoted by AFP, he said recent attacks on Syrian regime forces were all made “from a 50-kilometre zone around At-Tanf on the Syrian-Jordan border” where the US-led coalition is operating a garrison.

Via Zerohedge

Moscow has repeatedly accused the US of hindering the offensive in the east of the country against IS jihadists mounted by Syrian regime forces with the support of Russian airstrikes and special forces on the ground.

The Russian military also said the regime forces “neutralised mobile IS groups on the road from Palmyra to Deir-Ezzor” and freed the captured villages. If the US side views such operations as unforeseen ‘accidents’, Russian aviation in Syria is ready to begin complete eradication of all such ‘accidents’ in the zone they control,” Konashenkov said.

Russia has been flying a bombing campaign in Syria since 2015, when it stepped in to support the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and tipped the conflict in his favour.

Two weeks ago, the Russian Defense Minister released photos which expose the cooperation between the US and ISIS jihadists in Syria.

The aerial photos of ISIS’ territory north of #Deir_ez_Zor where #USA special operation troops are seen

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