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Rumors of Facebook’s power grossly exaggerated [VIDEO]

MSM narrative and Democrat supporting companies try to deceive the public into believing data mining success was illegal (because the GOP won)

Seraphim Hanisch




Does anyone seriously believe that Facebook had so much influence that it would “brainwash” a Hillary voter to go Trump? Are we all like this poor lady?

Even this poor lady is not like herself. She was just being sarcastic. And honestly, if someone’s mind was changed by the facts laid out by pro-Trump ads, that is a good thing. This is an example of effective advertising, which is a very good thing.

When the news broke about Cambridge Analytica’s clever gleaning of user data from Facebook, there was an outcry from the news media that was far different from the effusive praise for a very similar tactic employed in 2012. The reason was very clear. The 2012 actions were praised because they were conducted by Barack Obama’s campaign. The one in 2016 was by candidate Donald Trump’s campaign. Both campaigns were successful. But one gained praise by its use of internet-savvy techniques and the other gained condemnation to the point that even Mark Zuckerberg has gone on his own version of an “apology tour.” His grand mea culpa even goes so far as to agree to testify before Congress.

There are two allegations that are being pushed about this matter.

  • 1. “Facebook user data was acquired”, with the insinuation that the data taken represented a compromise to Facebook’s own internal data on its users.
  • 2. This data was used to manipulate users as to their political choices. This of course is a superset of the same allegation pitched against the St Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency somehow succeeding in swaying the American presidential election through the use of some 3,000 Facebook advertisements.

Both of these allegations are not only a whole lot of nothing, but they AGAIN call attention to the brain-dead, knee-jerk response of American liberals and their sycophants.

“The political establishment was angered that their own bastion of liberal ideology – Facebook itself –  was successfully used as a campaign tool by a Republican candidate, and this is unforgivable in Liberal Land.”

The idea that Facebook was somehow compromised or unethical in the matter of data that developers were granted access to is nonsense. The most we can say is that it was a method of user data gathering that was hidden in plain sight. The level of deception was no more and no less than that of any other marketer or advertiser. All of us are familiar with the clever types of promotion that have evolved in the last thirty or forty years. We all know that the really great ads are the ones that don’t seem like ads at all. Think of the Super Bowl television spots. This sports event has become the event to watch for the advertisements as much or more than it is to watch the football game or its halftime entertainment program – we want to see how clever, how funny, how witty an ad is. We are usually not interested in the product the ad promotes, unless it is the latest Marvel or Star Wars movie.

But on the other side of the broadcast link, the networks are able to collect data on our patterns and use them to try to increase business, by tailoring more attractive advertising.

For Facebook, the user usually doesn’t think about anyone’s ulterior motives behind the quiz games or photo slide shows. But they are noted and they are present in some form for the user to see. And a little thinking (should it happen) would be all it takes for Joe Q Facebook User to realize that these games must serve some purpose other than gratis entertainment.

So, this means that most of us probably feel that there is no harm done if we think at all about who we are sharing what data with.

But  the second part – that this data crunching helps create ads that will change people’s minds…

Well, isn’t that what advertising is SUPPOSED to do?

(Apparently not, if it swings you to vote for the conservative!)

And aren’t political ads supposed to do this too? Think of your run-of-the-mill political ad. Threatening music, ominous voice saying how awful “the other guy” is, and then light music, and positivity around the protagonist of the campaign ad? This ad style is probably the staple of political propaganda. How do they get those talking points? By asking people what they think and feel is important to them. Sometimes this is not arrived at by direct polling, either.

So, what is the problem?

In Facebook’s case, the problem seems to be more that the political establishment was angered that their own bastion of liberal ideology – Facebook itself –  was successfully used as a campaign tool by a Republican candidate, and this is unforgivable in Liberal Land.

The spin is interesting because you will not see this in the expressions of companies who are withdrawing themselves from Facebook. That would be absurd. But the fact remains that there is nothing to see here in reality. Nothing happened that has never happened before, except that the GOP used the same tools and won. Had Trump not been elected, none of this would have surfaced.

But Mark Zuckerberg was asleep at the screen apparently, the GOP used his site (which is supposed to be available to everyone), and Trump won. This places Mr. Zuckerberg, a staunch Democrat and Obama supporter, even operative, directly in the cross-hairs.

The companies jumping off of Facebook are doing so in retaliation. When one looks at their own political alignments, it is quite evident that all this is meant to punish Mark Zuckerberg because in some indirect way, he let his platform be used to engineer a Trump victory.

Thankfully, not all Americans are blind to this game. Here is proof, as a caller discusses the matter with Rush Limbaugh:

RUSH:  You know, I love being asked my impression of observations, so go ahead.

CALLER:  Okay.  Now that Mark Zuckerberg has been summoned to appear in front of Congress, for one, I don’t think he’ll do it.  I think he will weasel his way out no matter how he has to.  But if they get him in the seat, I think that America will be treated to something observationally that will last a very long time.  I think we will see this kid break down in tears and possibly wet his pants and have to go to a recess and cut the cameras off, because this Mark Zuckerberg is in deep water that he cannot handle.

RUSH:  Okay.  Why is Zuckerberg in deep water?

CALLER:  Because Zuckerberg sold his soul to President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

RUSH:  Right!  Which is why he’s gonna be protected!

CALLER:  In front of Congress?  There’s no —

RUSH:  Do you really —

CALLER:  There’s no protection.

RUSH:  You really think the Republicans are gonna come down hard on this guy?

CALLER:  I just… I don’t even think they need to come down on him.  What if the first senator or first congressman says to him, “Uh, tell us exactly what you gave Obama.  Did you open your books to him?” (chuckles) You know, and if he says, “Yes,” then they should say, “Okay, your company is a fraud.”

RUSH:  Look, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.  I wish it would.  You know, if I were a pretend senator for the day and I was on the committee interrogating Zuckerberg, I would say, “Mr. Zuckerberg, I’m having trouble understanding why you’re even here. ‘Cause back in 2008 all the way to 2011, you helped — and practically saw to it — that the Obama campaign got every bit of data on every user you’ve got.

“And they were called geniuses, and you were too.  And now some outfit came along and found a way to get 50 million of your users’ data, and we want to throw you in jail.  Mr. Zuckerberg, I don’t understand why you’re here.  What did you do wrong?” You know, I’d ask it in a certain way.  But I don’t know how hard the Republicans are gonna be.  Time will tell.  But if Zuckerberg wet his pants, Fred, how would you know?

Not everyone in the USA is a zombie to the mainstream media. That is good news.

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World War I Homage – A Triumph of Lies and Platitudes

The unilateral, lawless imperialism that engendered World War I and 20 years later World War II is still alive and dangerously vigorous.



Authored by Finian Cunningham via Strategic Culture:

World leaders gathered in Paris on Sunday under the Arc de Triomphe to mark the centennial anniversary ending World War I. In an absurd way, the Napoleon-era arc was a fitting venue – because the ceremony and the rhetoric from President Emmanuel Macron was a “triumph” of lies and platitudes.

Among the estimated 70 international leaders were US President Trump and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, each sitting on either side of Macron and his wife. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also given pride of place beside the French president.

Macron’s address to the dignitaries was supposed to be a call for international multilateralism. He urged a “brotherhood” for the cause of world peace. He also made a pointed rebuke of “nationalism” as posing a danger to peace – a remark which seemed aimed at Donald Trump who recently boasted of his politics with that very word.

But, ironically, everything about the ceremony and Macron’s speech resonated with jingoistic French nationalism, not his avowed multinationalism. As the politicians sat under the Arc de Triomphe, Macron walked around its circular esplanade in a salute to assembled French military forces bearing assault rifles and bayonets. The French anthem – The Marseillaise – was played twice, once by an army brass band, the second time sung by an army choir. There was also a military plane flyover displaying the blue, red and white tricolor of the French national flag.

In his speech, Macron talked about soldiers coming from all over the world to “die for France” during the 1914-18 Great War. He even said at one point that the war was fought for “the vision of France” and its “universal values”.

This was fluent drivel, French-style. No wonder Russia’s Putin momentarily gave a look of boredom as Macron waxed lyrical.

The speechifying and commemoration was completely detached from current realities of conflict and international tensions.

Among the “brotherhood” whom Macron was appealing to were Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu whose military forces continue to bomb and slaughter Palestinian civilians in illegally occupied territory. Also present was Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko whose armed militias continue to terrorize the people of eastern Ukraine with the blatant objective of instigating a war between the US-led NATO alliance and Russia.

Listening to Macron one would think that World War I erupted mysteriously from no specific cause and that an estimated 10 million soldiers were all killed in heroic battles for noble principles.

There was, of course, no mention by Macron of imperialist warmongering and the barbaric sacrifice of humans as slaves in the service of national capitalist power interests.

Grotesquely, as the world leaders donned solemn faces and mouthed pious platitudes for peace, the whole occasion was a triumph in burying reality and the ongoing causes of wars, as well as whitewashing the very culprits responsible for wars. Among the war criminals wearing a mournful black suit was former French President Nicolas Sarkozy who launched the NATO blitzkrieg on Libya in 2011.

While the empty, self-indulgent rhetoric was ringing out, one couldn’t help but recall some of the most glaring contemporary contradictions that were blocked out with awesome Orwellian efficiency.

Just this week, reports emerged of the horrific civilian death toll from the American air force bombing the Syrian city of Raqqa. The city was razed to the ground by US air strikes last year – supposedly to defeat the ISIS terror group. Some 8,000 bodies of civilians, mainly women and children, have now been recovered by Syrian government forces. And that’s only from clearing away a tiny area of rubble for the whole city.

What the Americans did in Raqqa was a monumental war crime, all the more criminal because US forces, along with their NATO partners Britain and France, are illegally present in and assaulting sovereign Syrian territory.

As Macron was telling world leaders about “the vision of France”, hundreds were being killed in Yemen in a battle to strangle the entire population by taking the port city of Hodeida. The genocidal war on that country – which is putting up to 16 million people at risk from starvation – has been fully backed by France, the US and Britain, from their supply of warplanes and bombs to the Saudi and Emirati aggressive forces.

We could mention other specific conflicts where the culprits are clearly identified. For example, the multi-million-dollar support from Washington for the Azov Battalion and other Neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine, which openly emulate the genocidal conduct of Hitler’s Third Reich to exterminate ethnic Russians.

We could mention how US-led NATO forces continue to expand towards Russian territory with outrageous provocation. The mounting earlier this month of the biggest-ever NATO war drills since the Cold War in the Arctic region adjacent to Russia’s northern border was a brazen threat of rehearsing invasion. The announced tearing up of yet another nuclear arms control treaty unilaterally by Washington is a reckless undermining of global security.

Washington threatens China with naval forces marauding near Beijing’s maritime territory in the South China Sea. Washington blockades Iran with illegal economic warfare and openly agitates for regime change. Washington declares Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba a “troika of tyranny” and reserves the right to threaten each of these countries with military invasion at any time.

Meanwhile, this weekend, Russia hosted peace talks in Moscow between the warring parties of Afghanistan. It was seen as a major breakthrough in trying to bring peace to the Central Asia country which has been wracked by 17 years of violence since US forces began their ongoing military occupation – allegedly to defeat terrorism.

Elsewhere, Russia has engaged with Turkey, Germany and France to convene a summit for peaceful reconstruction of Syria. The latest summit held in Ankara at the end of last month follows several other such meetings in Astana and Sochi, largely at the behest of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, to find a political settlement to the nearly eight-year war in Syria – a war that was fomented covertly by Washington and its allies for regime change.

France’s Macron talks about “multilateralism” for world peace, yet the two countries which have arguably supported and implemented multilateralism in practice are Russia and China in their calls and policies for global partnership and economic development.

And yet it is Russia and China that are being harassed with American and European sanctions, and US military provocations.

The unilateral, lawless imperialism that engendered World War I and 20 years later World War II is still alive and dangerously vigorous. We only have to look around the present world to realize that. But when the culprits indulge in a triumph of bullshit then we also know that the world is once again in very grave danger.

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Creepy Porn Lawyers’ disgusting assault on Tucker Carlson and his 19 year old daughter (Video)

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 14.

Alex Christoforou



Days after ANTIFA targeted Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s home, trying to intimidate and scare the TV host into curbing his free speech against totalitarian mob rule propagated by ANTIFA and their paymasters, it appears that the SJW establishment swamp is going after Tucker with everything they got…sending in the expendable, and always eager to get publicity, Creepy Porn Lawyer, Michael Avenatti, to try and ensnare Carlson in some sort of racist assault scandal.

The entire event appears to be a staged, purposefully hitting upon all the right identity politics buttons…so as to maximize full SJW pressure on Tucker and Fox News.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Tucker Carlson has denied Michael Avenatti’s charges of assault, and explains that his actions were prompted by an unhinged gay man calling his daughter a wh*re and a c**t…

Creepy porn star Michael Avenatti made headlines again this weekend with trumped up charges of assault against FOX News host Tucker Carlson.

On Saturday Avenatti released video of Tucker Carlson in an argument with a crowd of people at a country club in Virginia.

Avenatti claims Tucker assaulted a gay Latino immigrant for no reason.

Avenatti posted this video made the allegations on Saturday.

RT CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle and The Duran’s Alex Christoforou take a quick look at the SJW swamps’ latest attempt to smear Tucker Carlson, by going after his 19-year old daughter, in a disgusting display of misogyny and hate towards the very women that establishment liberal claims to defend.

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Here’s Carlson’s full statement about the incident:

“On October 13, I had dinner with two of my children and some family friends at the Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Virginia. Toward the end of the meal, my 19-year-old daughter went to the bathroom with a friend. On their way back through the bar, a middle aged man stopped my daughter and asked if she was sitting with Tucker Carlson. My daughter had never seen the man before. She answered: ‘That’s my dad,’ and pointed to me. The man responded, ‘Are you Tucker’s whore?’ He then called her a ‘f—— c—.’

“My daughter returned to the table in tears. She soon left the table and the club. My son, who is also a student, went into the bar to confront the man. I followed. My son asked the man if he’d called his sister a ‘whore’ and a ‘cunt.’ The man admitted he had, and again become profane. My son threw a glass of red wine in the man’s face and told him to leave the bar, which he soon did.

“Immediately after the incident, I described these events to the management of the Farmington Country Club. The club spent more than three weeks investigating the incident. Last week, they revoked the man’s membership and threw him out of the club.

“I love my children. It took enormous self-control not to beat the man with a chair, which is what I wanted to do. I think any father can understand the overwhelming rage and shock that I felt seeing my teenage daughter attacked by a stranger. But I restrained myself. I did not assault this man, and neither did my son. That is a lie. Nor did I know the man was gay or Latino, not that it would have mattered. What happened on October 13 has nothing to do with identity politics. It was a grotesque violation of decency. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”

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Former Hillary Clinton Advisor: She’s Running Again in 2020

Clinton admitted that while she doesn’t want to run again — she would “like to be president.”

The Duran



Via The Gateway Pundit…

Hillary Clinton’s former adviser Mark Penn is warning the public that we should brace ourselves for another run from the power hungry sore loser in 2020.

Penn co-wrote in a Sunday op-ed for the Wall Street Journal that she “won’t let a little thing like two stunning defeats stand in the way of her claim to the White House.”

“True to her name, Mrs. Clinton will fight this out until the last dog dies,” the op-ed that Penn authored with Andrew Stein claims. “She won’t let a little thing like two stunning defeats stand in the way of her claim to the White House.”

Like a cockroach that just won’t die, or the final boss in a video game that keeps obnoxiously coming back after each defeat — Clinton just won’t go away.

Penn said that by “reinventing herself as a liberal firebrand, Mrs. Clinton will easily capture the 2020 nomination.”

“You can expect her to run for president once again,” he said. “Maybe not at first, when the legions of Senate Democrats make their announcements, but definitely by the time the primaries are in full swing.”

Last month, Clinton admitted that while she doesn’t want to run again — she would “like to be president.”

Even some of her closest allies want her to give it a rest though.

“She’s more likely to win Powerball,” Philippe Reines, Clinton’s longtime adviser, told The Hill.

While nobody really wants to hear that woman’s voice ever again — at least the right can recycle all their best memes from 2016.

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