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RT presenter destroys Piers Morgan, after Piers claims he is certain that Putin “kills journalists” (Video)

Piers Morgan seems to have evidence that no one else on the planet has…

Piers Morgan looked like a whiny, hysterical schoolgirl, as he debated the UK poisoning hoax with Russia Today presenter Afshin Rattansi.

Rattansi was constantly interrupted by Morgan, who made the outrageous claim that he is certain Russian President Vladimir Putin kills journalists.

Of course Morgan forgets that the UK, and its NATO allies, have a rich history of killing journalists, overthrowing legitimate governments, and starting illegal wars…Iraq, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen and on and on.

If Piers Morgan is so certain in his claims, than maybe he would like to share his “evidence” for all to see. If not than Piers should just shut his trap and try to act like a credible journalist, instead off a Deep State blowhard, spitting out warmonger talking points, that with minimal Google search have been completely discredited.

Meanwhile the UK supplies all the weapons Saudi Arabia needs to slaughter innocent civilians in Yemen.

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