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RT interrupts C-Span broadcast. No, Russian hackers didn’t do it (VIDEO)

An online C-Span feed from the House floor was interrupted on Thursday by a RT broadcast. An internal routing issue has been identified as the source of the problem.

The interruption, which occurred in the middle of a speech by Representative Maxine Waters, Democrat of California, went on for about 10 minutes and was noticed by Timothy Burke, an editor for the website Deadspin, who posted the video to his Twitter account.

Surprisingly, no one thus far has pointed any fingers at the infamous Russian hackers. Perhaps, after weeks of pure speculation and two embarrassing and unsubstantiated intelligence reports, that narrative is finally being put to rest.

C-Span believes the switch to have been a technical error and is continuing to investigate the episode.

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Sergey Gladysh
Contributor at The Duran.
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