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Ron Paul nails it! Here is exactly what is wrong with the liberal left in America

How could a backlash not occur?

Leave it to Ron Paul (and more so the post author Jeff Deist) to hold up a mirror to the liberal left, and their never ending crying over Trump’s victory, and now Presidency.

The liberal left religion is not fond of self examination. We doubt they will listen to Ron Paul or Jeff Deist. We may even see the liberal left establishment begin branding the two men “Kremlin stooges”…

“It has become very apparent that the left views Trump’s election as an absolute calamity. But it is a calamity that they brought upon themselves.

The left remained silent while the Obama administration spent two full terms at war. They excused Obama’s NSA scandals. They cheered the growth of an imperial presidency and an activist judiciary.

But worst of all, the left poisoned America with vicious identity politics and a deeply false narrative of racism, sexism, xenophobia, and privilege. How could a backlash not occur?

What matters most in the upcoming years is not what Trump can actually do in the face of this hatred. What matters is what he can undo.”


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