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Republican Senator Lindsey Graham wants Comey to testify again: “I smell a rat here”

Graham is demanding Comey testify again in Clinton email scandal.

Former FBI Director James Comey is in deep trouble after it was reveled last week that he exonerated Hillary Clinton after her July meeting with the FBI, well before Comey interviewed up to 17 key witnesses in the case.

According to The Gateway Pundit Senior Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina wants James Comey back in the Senate to testify once again on the Clinton email scandal.

Last week The Duran reported that the so called “lost” emails from Clinton’s private server are not really lost, but that the NSA has the emails…but during the FBI’s investigation, James Comey didn’t want to hear about it.

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom summed up James Comey’s actions…

“He has been carrying water for the Clinton folks, Obama, everybody…the whole thing was a farce.”

“As soon as you know there is no grand jury. As soon as you know you can’t compel testimony. As soon as you know you can’t get records, computers for searching…the whole thing was a farce from the beginning.”

Fox News reports…

Sen. Lindsey Graham told Fox News on Thursday that he wants to bring back James Comey to testify on Capitol Hill, citing concerns about his statements on the conclusion of the Hillary Clinton email case.

“This doesn’t add up, and I smell a rat here,” Graham, R-S.C., told Fox News.

The Republican senator, who chairs a Senate Judiciary subcommittee, and Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, last week revealed new details they learned about the Clinton case from interview transcripts. According to the senators, the transcripts say Comey began drafting an “exoneration statement” for Clinton weeks before interviewing her – which in turn raised questions about the former FBI director’s testimony in June before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

At the time, Comey was asked whether his decision to announce the results of the investigation in July 2016 was influenced by then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s infamous meeting days earlier on an Arizona tarmac with former President Bill Clinton.

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