Race For Raqqa. Watch This Excellent Analysis of How Russia and The US Are Squeezing ISIS Capital [Video]

Islamic State under pressure as forces backed by US & Russia advance separately

ISIS is under pressure from two separate advances on its self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa.

The Syrian Army, with Russian air support, is 50 KM from Raqqa. The Kurdish forces, with US support, are 150 KM away. The battle for Raqqa will be bloody, but if successful, the two forces will meet in the middle, and deal a heavy blow to the Islamic State.

Politics and public perception is making the Obama Administration nervous, that the forces they have been trying to destroy, Assad’s Syrian Army, may actually end up getting to Raqqa first, in waht would not only be a first strike defeat to ISIS, but also to Obama’s regime change priority in Syria.

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