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Putin “extremely concerned” by the destructive and provocative stance of the UK

World inches closer to major conflict…just as the Deep State had planned.

The Deep State’s plan to push the world towards all out war, by staging a false flag poisoning of a former Russian agent (pushing the same WMD-anthrax narrative used by the Bush White House to justify an illegal US invasion of Iraq) is unfolding by the day.

All one needs to reference, when trying to make sense of this escalating crisis, is this tweet…

Vladimir Putin has now spoken up on the incident, telling Russia’s Security Council that he was “extremely concerned” by the destructive and provocative stance of the UK on the poisoning of double agent Sergey Skripal, Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin press secretary, said.

“In the context of international affairs, a detailed discussion of the situation, which arose in the Russian-British relations against the background of the so-called Skripal case, took place,” Peskov said as cited by Russian media. “Extreme concern was expressed about the destructive and provocative stance taken by the British side.”

Via RT

British Prime Minister Theresa May has accused Russia of using a chemical weapon on British soil and announced a set of sanctions against Moscow, including the expulsion of 23 diplomats, limiting ties and freezing Russian state assets. Former Russian-UK double agent Sergey Skripal and his daughter remain in critical condition after being discovered slumped on a bench in Salisbury in early March. Authorities in the UK claim a Russian nerve agent called Novichok was used in the attack. Russia has rejected the British accusations and promised an adequate response to the restrictions imposed.

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