Watch Putin Destroy Decision To Ban Russian Athletes From Rio Olympics with Simple Logic (VIDEO)

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the disqualification of Russian athletes from the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro is "unjust," during a press conference at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

Of course the banning of all Russian track and field athletes from the Rio Summer Olympics is “unjust”. If this had been a US or UK athlete, think Lance Armstrong or Ben Johnson, the punishment would have been solely placed on only the individual athlete, not the entire team.

What this clearly is, is soft western power being used to once again demonize Russia. The US and its vassal states are lobbing “sport” missiles at Russia in the hopes of landing the mother load of bombs…the cancelation of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Putin, being the great statesman he is, correctly frames the situation in a way that even a neocon dimwit can understand:

“Sure, [disqualification] is unjust. But there are acknowledged principles of law. One of the principles is that the responsibility should always be personified.

If some member of your family violated the law, would it be fair to bring justice to all members of the family, including you? It is not right.”

Putin noted that he does not consider meldonium as doping because it “does not give an advantage” in competition.

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