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“Putin is continuing to advance into Korea,” says Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters (VIDEO)

Many members of the US congress are clueless about the world they live in, and often misinformed about what’s happening in their own backyards. They run with fake news headlines or with whatever is provided to them via the teleprompter. Sometimes, however, these things backfire and their cluelessness is exposed bare for all of us to enjoy.

One such instance occurred today when Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) in all seriousness told her colleagues and fellow Americans that Donald Trump needs to be impeached because he’s friends with Vladimir Putin, who hacked “our D triple C” and “is continuing to advance into…Korea?” Trump should be very pleased. With dimwit Democrats like Rep. Waters and their infamous protesters, he’s almost guaranteed a second term.

Donald Trump should be very pleased. With dimwits like Rep. Waters, as well as their infamous protesters, Trump has pretty much secured himself a second term on his 3rd week as President of the United States.

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