Obama Goes On a Bizarre Rant, Proclaiming He Is A Better “Populist” Than Trump [Video]

Watch Obama lecture all the stupid people on the definition of "Populist".

No one really understands what the hell Obama was talking about in this bizarre rant. We can only think that Barry is a bit jealous of all the media attention attributed to Donald Trump.

President Obama is obviously referring to Donald Trump, while talking about the rise of populism at a joint news conference with the Mexican President and Canadian Prime Minister at the “Three Amigos” summit on June 29, 2016.

Obama lectures the world about how much he “cares” about children, poor people, ordinary people, and transparency in government.

Obama proclaims in the video that he is the ultimate “populist” while ‘someone to be named later’ is not a populist, but a nativist or xenophobe…or worse.

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