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Philippines President Duterte once again insults former POTUS Obama, calling him an “idiot”. All praises for Trump.

Duterte acts out call with US President Trump, and calls Obama 'idiot' during trip to Myanmar

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte does enjoy mocking former POTUS Obama.

During a Sunday visit to Myanmar, Duterte acted out a mock phone call with US President Donald Trump, where the Philippines President then proceeded to call former POTUS Obama, and the former US State Department “an idiot”, as he spoke to members of the Filipino community at the Horizon Lake View Resort in Nay Pyi Taw.

Remember in November Duterte sang the praises of then US Presidential candidate Trump, after referring to Barack Obama as a ‘son of a whore’ and cancelling a US arms deal.

Speaking on the US threat of losing assistance for alleged human rights violations, Duterte said…

“It came to a point that repeatedly Obama said [this], the State department said [this], and everybody there was an idiot. So we go, ‘You can go to hell. You can eat your assistance, we do not need it we will survive’.”

Duterte added…

“I will adapt an independence foreign policy and I will deal with any country that I like.”

RT reports

Criticizing US diplomacy, Duterte noted that Obama’s team always prepared for negotiations with the Philippines by digging up dirt on alleged human rights abuse being committed there.

“The past administration, whenever they make a report to any forum or venue there, they do research on the human rights violation amid the threat that you’d lose the assistance that is given to you every year,” Duterte said while on a two-day visit to Myanmar.

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