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Peter Lavelle asks Mark Sleboda, ‘Are we facing a major conflict between US and Russia in Syria?’ [Video]

CrossTalk takes a look at the escalation taking place in Syria.

Peter Lavelle examines the rising tensions between the US and Russia over Syria with his panel, Mark Sleboda, Alex Christoforou, and Mohammad Marandi.

As always, CrossTalk cuts through much of the western media noise, to examine the nature of a six year conflict that is pushing two nuclear powers into a head on confrontation.

Mohammad Marandi notes…

“The Iranians have said from the very beginning that they will not allow Damascus to fall, and the Iranians will make sure that does not happen.”

The pivotal moment comes when Peter Lavelle asks the question that no other media channel dares to ask…

‘Are we facing a possible major conflict…and I mean including the United States, Russia, and Syria…?’

Analyst Mark Sleboda places everything into context…

With Syria locked in a statement while Russia-US relations spiral downward, which party in this conflict is the barrier to peace and what needs to happen next?


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