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PEAK STUPIDITY! US Congressman says RT meddled in US elections, now Russia must be punished (Video)

RT is the smoking gun to prove Russian meddled in US elections.

David Cicilline, a Democrat congressman from Rhode Island was Tucker Carlson’s latest victim, and once again showed the stupidity of US politicians and the ridiculous nature of the fake news Russian election meddling story.

For David Cicilline, the smoking gun(s) that proves Russia meddled in the US elections are…

1. Russia stole hacked emails
2. Russia using internet bots to spread those emails, and…
3. RT spreading those emails to viewers

Cicilline then went on to state the amended talking line that “4 intelligence agencies” (a downgrade from the “17 intelligence agencies” lie that has been fully debunked) have concluded that Russia hacked the US elections…and then Cicilline laid out this whopper…

“RT promoted propaganda, fake stories, that were then retweeted on the internet, by 1,000 Russian…”

Tucker noted that RT is a news organization, where Ed Schultz and Larry King “work there.”

Cicilline reply to Tucker…RT “is not a news organization.”

Tucker pressed the stupidity in the Congressman’s narrative by asking¬†Cicilline how the US should punish Larry King?

A must watch and another Tucker win!

What do you think?

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