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Peak Stupidity! CNN and Michael Moore claim that Trump leaked his tax returns to distract from Russia and Obamacare

Clearly embarrassed by the Maddow nothing burger revelation that Trump’s tax returns shows a businessman who paid the legal amount of taxes (and then some) to the US federal government.

The liberal left mainstream media is now trying to pivot away from Maddow’s embarrassing failure by explaining that it was President Trump who released his own tax returns to “distract” the media from his “ties to Russia”.

The hole being dug by the fake news mainstream media, the very dumb liberal left, and the very, very dumb Democrat Party is getting deeper and deeper by the day.

Soon we will here that is was Russian President Putin who leaked Trump’s tax returns.

Michael Moore is now also throwing out this ridiculous claim…

The “Russians are behind the tax leaks” madness is already being A/B tested, as Hannity explains…

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