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Alexander Mercouris: On arms to Ukraine, Donald Trump simply follows Obama’s lead

In refusing to send weapons to Ukraine Donald Trump is simply following official US policy - ExtraTime with Alexander Mercouris.

Amidst all the clamour about Donald Trump being a Kremlin agent by far the strangest complaint is the one that his team insisted on deleting from the Republican platform a demand for the US to arm Ukraine.  This is taken in some quarters as near proof of Trump’s “treason” and “support for Putin”.  Moreover it is liberal journalists both in the US and elsewhere who have been most vociferous in saying this.

In reality Trump simply brought the Republican campaign into line with official US policy.  In early 2015, on the insistence of the US’s European NATO allies – first and foremost Chancellor Merkel of Germany – President Obama eventually decided against sending arms to Ukraine.  President Obama has officially stuck by this policy, which remains official US policy, ever since.

This is the first occasion I can think of where liberal commentators criticise a Republican candidate for adopting an anti-escalation policy taken by a liberal Democrat President, and one which also happens to be the official policy of the US. 

Truly what was once normal politics in this election is being stood on its head.

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Alexander Mercouris
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