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Oliver Stone says Barack Obama has created “the most massive global security surveillance state that’s ever been seen”

US film director Oliver Stone is not holding back.

While out on the circuit promoting his newest film Snowden, Stone lashed out at US President Barack Obama, saying that the “transparent US President” has implemented a surveillance system worse than that of the Stasi secret police in East Germany.

Speaking at the San Sebastian film festival in northern Spain, Stone said many Americans have grown disillusioned with a president they once saw as “a man of great integrity.”

Stone said Obama…

“has created…the most massive global security surveillance state that’s ever been seen, way beyond East Germany’s Stasi, way beyond that.”

Stone’s latest movie is a biographical thriller about Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who revealed a sprawling US surveillance programme in 2013, and is now living in exile in Russia.

Stone continued his critique of Obama’s “Stasi” America…

“Obama has doubled down on the (George W.) Bush administration policies,”

“In the name of one thing — terrorism — to change all the rules is not a marginal response, it’s an extreme response.”

“Let’s beware of fascists and tyrants who tell us ‘we are going to protect you’. I don’t want that.”

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