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Under Obama, Gun Sales For Smith and Wesson Have Soared 200% [Chart]

Smith and Wessons' gun sales are up 200% since Obama took office.

Obama may talk about the need for stricter gun regulations, but under his presidency gun sales have skyrocketed.

Zerohedge reports

America’s legendary gun company reported Q4 earnings which, not surprisingly, beat estimate on the top and bottom line, reporting EPS of $0.66, far above the $0.54 expected, on revenue of $221.1 million, $7 million higher than consensus had expected. The stock, while not at its all time high which it hit earlier this year, is surging on the results, however, it was the tremendous topline growth in revenue that has to be seen to be believed.

See if you can spot the catalyst that unleashed SWHC’s unprecedented growth burst.


Smith and Wessons’ sales are up 200% since Obama took office.

SWHC forecast 2017 sales of $740-$760 million…expectations were set at $732 million. The more Obama speaks gun control, the more we say buy SWHC stock.


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