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North Korea is not an issue–the ISIS war on Philippines is

North Korea has yet again launched a ballistic missile which has landed in Japan’s maritime exclusive economic zone. No one was hurt during the launch. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed to work with the US to take “specific action” against Pyongyang.

Moscow meanwhile expressed dissatisfaction with North Korea’s launch but called on all parties to show “restraint”.

North Korea actually gives a good name to rogue states. North Korea simply doesn’t listen to anyone, not it’s alleged friends like China, not relatively neutral countries like Russia and not open adversaries like the US, Japan and certainly not South Korea. That being said, who is North Korea actually harming with it’s obstinate attitude?

North Korea’s launches are deemed to be irresponsible according to all of the parties mentioned above, but one must admit that North Korea’s launches do not hurt anyone. No one has died, no one has been bruised, it is difficult to say if even any fish were harmed.

It’s high time, to get practical about East Asia. The problem in East Asia is not North Korea, the problem is ISIS and specifically, the ISIS war of conquest recently launched in Philippines.

While the so-called international community is ringing its hands over how to condemn and ‘respond’ to North Korea’s literally harmless missile launch, the world should instead offer whatever support is required by Philippines to help the country and it’s democratically elected President Rodrigo Duterte to secure the peace of his nation.

The real scandal of North Korea is that it is a distraction. True, whenever Pyongyang launches a rocket it’s a big middle finger pointed at just about all of its neighbours, but there are now more important things to worry about in the wider region. ISIS is no longer just connected to the Middle East and Africa via the Middle East. ISIS is also no longer just linked to Europe via Turkey and the Hillary Clinton authored Libyan failed state, ISIS is now in the heart of East Asia and it isn’t in North Korea, it is in Philippines.

It’s far easier to complain about a rather amorphous North Korean threat which in reality amounts to little, rather than to coordinate the best way to purge ISIS from Philippines, but the world must take whatever measures necessary  to help Philippines.

President Duterte has done his best to make history changing friendships in Moscow and Beijing while also maintaining a respectful and seemingly positive relationship with Donald Trump.

The country that needs all the friends it can get is not South Korea but Philippines. That being said, Duterte is strong enough to do what needs to be done alone. It looks as though Russia will not let Philippines down. It remains to be seen what others can do in this time of very real crisis.

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