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CONFIRMED: No Ban On Team Russia – International Olympic Committee


IOC Statement:

“Natural justice requires that an individual must at least have a chance to rebut allegations. And this rewards the presumption of innocence. Therefore we have set the bar to the limit by establishing a number of very strict criteria which every Russian athlete will have to fulfill if he or she wants to participate in the Olympic Games [in] Rio 2016.”


The International Olympic Committee’s executive board held a three-hour meeting via teleconference on Sunday. The meeting included 15 Olympic leaders, including the Head of the Russian Olympic Committee, Alexander Zhukov.


Whistleblower Yulia Stepanova won’t be allowed to compete at Rio Olympics as “neutral athlete” – IOC


The IOC’s ruling states that:

“The entry of any Russian athlete ultimately accepted by the IOC will be subject to a rigorous additional out-of-competition testing programme in coordination with the relevant IF [International Federation] and WADA [the World Anti-Doping Agency].”


Athletes with a proven doping history will not be allowed to compete at the Rio Games, even if they have served their sanctions.


Athletes will need to meet strict criteria laid out by the IOC. This includes proving to international federations that they have a clean doping record and have been tested by “reliable” international anti-doping bodies.


The International Olympic Committee has opted to allow sports federations to make individual decisions on whether clean Russian athletes will compete in the Rio Summer Games.

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