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Neocon war criminal tells CNN viewers to trust media because it lies (Video)

The dumbest thing ever said on CNN.

Article first appeared on RPT.

Neocon architect David Frum, a man who spearheaded the Iraq WMD war, a man who has never gotten anything right on geo-politics, but has used mainstream media to push his war hawk agenda, (much to the detriment of America and the world), is now on CNN telling viewers to trust mainstream media because they make so many mistakes and lie so much.

Makes total sense!

The Gateway Pundit reports…

Liberal Media: Trust us because we suck and lie.

David Frum, the Atlantic Senior Editor, went on CNN this morning to argue that Americans should trust the media because they are wrong so often.

Reliable Sources tweeted Frum’s ridiculous logic…

“Mistakes are precisely the reason that people should trust the media…it’s the process of bringing truth to light,” says Atlantic Senior Editor @davidfrum

Media analyst Mark Dice believes (and rightly so) that this could very well be the dumbest thing anyone has ever said on CNN in their entire history…and that says a lot.

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Neocon war criminal tells CNN viewers to trust media because it lies (Video)

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