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NATO General agrees with Donald Trump…NATO has “some structures that are obsolete.”

A top NATO general is conceding that parts of NATO need to be brought up to date following Trump's claim that NATO is "obsolete."

Trump has a unique talent to overturn “sacred cow” issues, with simple word framing and marketing genius.

Think “build the wall”, which brought out the taboo US immigration policy issue to the forefront.

Now Tump is doing it again with his “NATO is obsolete” mantra…placing what was once a “do not touch” foreign policy pillar into the demolition crosshairs.

Days after Trump gave a couple of stunning interviews to the London Sunday Times and Germany’s Bild newspaper, where Trump again called NATO “obsolete” (sending US neocon war hawks and European neo-liberal freeloaders into a complete panic), a current NATO General is now repeating Trump’s mantra, noting that ‘NATO is indeed obsolete.’ reports

A top NATO general is conceding that parts of the military alliance need to be brought up to date following U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s claim that NATO is “obsolete.”

Reacting to Trump’s criticism in an interview this week, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Transformation General Denis Mercier said Tuesday, “We see that there is a need for adaptation.”

Mercier acknowledged that NATO has “some structures that are obsolete.”

He says the military alliance probably has focused too much on deploying troops abroad, so-called expeditionary warfare, particularly its operation in Afghanistan.

Mercier says the alliance wants to revamp its approach to counter-terrorism, in part by helping countries under threat to develop long-term plans to fight extremists.

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