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Michael Wolff confesses, “I said whatever was necessary to get the story”

A “Wolff” in Journalist’s clothing?

Now that Michael Wolff is all but assured blockbuster sales for his book “Fire and Fury”, the scrutiny over how Wolff attained the quotes he details in his book is now being scrutinized…and as with all “Trump haters” it appears that Wolff used some tactics unbecoming of a journalist, all in an ideologically infused rage to stick it to POTUS Trump.

During an interview with Today Show anchor Savannah Guthrie, Wolff makes the stunning revelation that he may have burned many sources and obtained quotes from as high up as Trump, without them realizing they were about to go into his book.

Wolff told Guthrie, “I absolutely spoke to the President. Whether he realized it was an interview or not, I don’t know, but it certainly was not off the record.”

Newsbusters reports…

As Today show co-anchor Savannah Guthrie repeatedly questioned his credibility on Friday, Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff declared that he stood by “absolutely everything” in his Trump-trashing book. Despite that assertion, he later admitted to using deceptive tactics: “I certainly said what was ever necessary to get the story.”

Guthrie began by quoting President Trump’s criticism of the book: “Well, the President, obviously as you know, tweeted about you last night. He says, ‘I authorized zero access to the White House,’ actually turned you down ‘many times.’ Says he’d ‘never spoke’ to you for the book, ‘It’s full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don’t exist.” So as good a place to start as any, did you talk to the President?’” Wolff snidely replied: “What was I doing there if he didn’t want me to be there?”

The morning show host repeated her question: “Well, let me ask you, did you talk to President? Did you interview him for this book?” Rather than simply say yes, Wolff gave this equivocating response: “I absolutely spoke to the President. Whether he realized it was an interview or not, I don’t know, but it certainly was not off the record.”

Guthrie reiterated moments later that “the President is saying it’s full of lies” and that Wolff “didn’t have the access” he claimed to have. He whined: “You know, I think we – one of the things we have to count on is that Donald Trump will attack, he will send lawyers’ letters. This is a 35-year history of how he approaches everything.”

She pressed: “Do you have recordings of some of these interviews and some of these conversations?…Would you release any of those recordings, since your credibility is being questioned?” Wolff sneered: “My credibility is being questioned by a man who has less credibility than perhaps anyone who has ever walked on Earth at this point.”

Wrapping up the exclusive sit-down, Guthrie pointed out: “Your former editor at Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, said he wasn’t surprised you’d written this explosive book, he was surprised they let you in the door at the White House. Are you surprised?” Wolff remarked: “You know, no. I’m a nice guy.” She replied: “Did you flatter your way in?” Wolff proclaimed: “I certainly said what was ever necessary to get the story.”

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