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Michael Moore goes full misogynist, saying we should vote for Hillary because “No women ever invented an atomic bomb”

I find it amazing that liberals are so ready to destroy their entire reputation to protect Hillary Clinton…who any person, with any sense of logic and reason, can see the blatant criminal activity perpetrated by Hillary and her syndicate.

Michael Moore however believes that women are above any wrongdoing, and are perfect in every sense…a very dangerous sentiment, because we are all human beings, and all of us are fallible, even Hillary Clinton. Playing the “vote for her because she is a women” is sexists behavior that robs women of their agency and ability…

Jessica Ellis, who is no Trump supporter, but does appear to have some sense of logic, calls out Michael Moore’s for his sexism in this series of tweets…

Jimmy Dore calls out Michael Moore’s ignorance and sexism in this video…

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