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“Meet the Press” liberal panel looks stupid and ignorant, as Rick Santelli exposes US media thirst for war with Russia

Rick Santelli destroys ‘Meet the Press’ liberals, "On election night, I never saw you so unhappy".

The idiots in the room…

Show moderator Chuck Todd, New York Times columnist David Brooks, MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell and former Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD).

The one adult and grown up in the room…

CNBC contributor Rick Santelli.

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, Santelli dismantled the “fake news” lie about Russian hacking intended to influence the presidential election, while Todd, Mitchell, and a has been US congresswoman continued to repeat US intelligence propaganda that only a fool (or paid off stooge) would believe by now.

Zerohedge has the complete breakdown, of what Santelli aptly describes as “Kabuki theater”…

“What’s going on here is really so politically driven… where was all this uproar in June when the DNC emails were hacked…this wasn’t made an issue because it would have put the emails in Hillary’s server right in the thick of it… that’s why this went under the radar – this is all tied together”

The shocked looks on the faces on Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, and David Brooks was only bettered by their repeated efforts to refocus the narrative on Putin “as the devil and journalist-murderer” and Trump “as a puppet” but Santelli was not done with them…


“I never saw you so unhappy as on election night… you picked sides, everyone picked sides..”

…which was met stunning levels of cognitive dissonance from Chuck Todd “picked sides? who picked sides? Where?”, and Andrea Mitchell “That’s not true Rick, that’s just not true… let’s get back to the facts here,” who then repeated (once again) that the “Russians have weaponized hacking… they did it in Ukraine, they’re doing it in Germany now…”

“people in charge of intelligence are political as well here,” Santelli chimes in, “let me see the ‘Russian missiles on the Cuban island’ picture… that’s proof, Trump needs to see that.. the hearings are nothing but Kabuki theater.”

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