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Trump’s “Obama wiretap” tweet has the mainstream media now admitting no connection between Trump and Russia

Levin: We need to get to the bottom of the wiretap claims.

We are seeing the mainstream “media pivoting” away from their year long Trump “connected to” Russia story, according to Mark Levin.

The rationale is connected to Trump’s tweet this weekend that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower.

If a Fisa warrant was issued (as many news outlets report) to investigate Trump’s connection to Russia, then what was the result of the investigation and why are James Clapper and various Senators sitting on the Intelligence Committee, reporting that nothing was found?

Why did the DOJ extend the duration of the wiretaps, long after the intelligence community reported there was no collusion between Trump and Russia (as many news outlets report).

Conversely, if no Fisa warrants were granted, then what has all the “Trump connected to Russia” year long hysteria been about?  Should the NYT, WaPo, CNN, and other mainstream news outlets retract their stories claiming that Trump was under investigation for his alleged connection to Russia? No Fisa warrant means no connection was being invesigated.

Levin unpackages the mainstream media’s ‘Trump – Russia’ dilemma…

On ‘Hannity,’ Mark Levin explains why the media have been turned upside down by Trump’s ‘Obama wiretap’ tweet, and why the mainstream media is now pivoting away from the Trump-Russia story.

Levin: “Which is it? were there Fisa warrants or not?”

“Why all the investigations?”

“Was their any evidence (a scintilla of evidence) that Trump, his campaign advisors, and his transition on the take? [from Russia]”

Hannity: “NONE”

Levin: “Then why are six federal departments and agencies involved in an investigation…And now Clapper says he doesn’t know anything.”

“We are talking about police state tactics.”

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